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What Is Creativity In Marketing?

Picture creativity as a journey filled with intriguing questions

It’s beyond the obvious

At its core lies a single, pivotal question, carefully selected to delve into the essence of a matter.

It’s not just any question; it’s about asking the one that truly matters. Why do we choose a particular path? This seemingly straightforward query takes on a whole new dimension when the problem remains cloaked in uncertainty. 

It’s here that the mystery itself becomes a canvas for the masterpiece of creativity.

Creativity is often misconstrued as an abstract concept, but in reality, it’s the fusion of imaginative thinking with a touch of structure.

Imagine your mind as a playground, filled with connections and a dash of chaos, but beneath it all, there’s a solid foundation keeping you grounded.

True creativity isn’t about an endless array of options; it’s about honing in with precision. It’s about posing the right questions that unlock doors to unexplored possibilities.

Now, let’s talk about those tight briefs that creatives sometimes grumble about. Think of them as sculptor’s tools, shaping your creative vision. Feeling confined is actually a sign that you’ve stumbled upon a specific question to answer, and suddenly, it transforms the open field into a focused expedition.

So, embrace the questions, savour the mystery, and understand that creativity thrives when you purposefully seek the right question. 

It’s within these boundaries that the most captivating and heartwarming stories, ideas, and scripts come to life.

Now, let’s shift gears and ponder a unique perspective. 

Do you believe Harley Davidson competes with other motorcycle manufacturers?

In a surprising twist, it doesn’t. Instead, it finds itself in an unexpected competition—with hair transplants.

This revelation is more than just intriguing; it’s a lens into understanding self-expression and identity. 

Why would a legendary motorcycle brand compete with a hair transplant?

It’s not about horsepower or the wind in your hair, but about the pursuit of a unique identity and the transformation it symbolises.

Harley Davidson represents more than just a mode of transport; it’s an emblem of freedom, rebellion, and personal style. 

Meanwhile, a hair transplant is a quest for renewed confidence and self-esteem. Both avenues offer a transformative journey for individuals seeking change or making a statement.

Wrapping up, the Harley Davidson story is a striking lesson in creative thinking. It shows us that real competition isn’t just about similar products, but about tapping into the deeper emotions and desires of people. Harley’s unexpected rival, hair transplants, highlights this point.

This example teaches us to look deeper than the obvious. It’s not just about motorcycles or aesthetics; it’s about understanding and connecting with what truly drives people. In this, we find the most captivating and original ideas – by reaching beyond the surface and touching the heart of human experiences.

Seek the why.
Choosing a place for a team breakfast is always a forkin’ debate😂

Luckily, we settled for @dejavubarandtapas who served our unique taste buds🙌

Save to say, we all gave this one a thumbs up👍

Where should we go for our next one? (based in Chesterfield) 📍

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Stuck in the view jail?

You’re not alone😂

Many TikTok users have suffered the fate of the 200 view jail on content they’ve spent hours on.

Sadly there’s no quick fix to the dilemma. But there are some tips to follow to TRY to avoid this from happening🫶

😺TikTok can pick up copycats

➡️ Ensure you don’t directly copy your inspiration. Adapt the video to suit your brand.

💡Be consistent

➡️Stick to a posting schedule. Whether it’s posting once or twice a week, make sure you don’t skip.

🎣Hook people within the initial 3-6 seconds

TikTok users are quickly scrolling - you need to stop them in their tracks. Start by calling out your target audience or highlighting the solution you're about to solve.

P.S. TikTok has not officially flagged this “issue” as this is clearly apart of their algorithm of feeding at least 200 people your content to see how it performs.

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I’m a Creative Director, of course I’m very important 💁🏻‍♀️

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Embrace every experience, engage with different perspectives, and keep trying new ideas💡

You never know what you'll fork out🍴

Creativity is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes💪 

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As our marketing strategist, he's the best choice on the marketing menu if ROI is what you fancy. 

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