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A Day In The Life of A Producer

What the fork does a creative producer actually do, you ask?

From managing the logistics for the entire production, keeping the cast and crew happy to directing the shoots and also overseeing budgets and quality control. They make everything run smoothly, on time and on the money.

They can have a lot on their plate, but it’s their job to ensure each project is served fresh. 

That’s why we’re dishing out what our creative producer, Clem,  gets up to daily. 

From teamwork, project management, and meeting the client brief to pretty much multitasking and drinking copious amounts of coffee in between, a producer wears many hats when producing a video campaign.  Some producers even put on the prop hats and join the cast 😉

Teamwork makes the dream work

Along with our creative director,  a producer will write scripts and create storyboards for all creative projects. 

Whether it’s a tv advert or an animation,  producers find the actors, locations and props and manage all team members, like directors, editors and videographers, etc. 

It can be pretty demanding because a client will always want something done yesterday! But thankfully, when you have a supportive team, it can be smooth like butter. 

Manage the entire production.

That’s right, the overall production of a project. 

A producer must ensure that everyone involved is doing their job well and on time. This means that multitasking is pretty much any producer’s middle name. 

To manage that, good organisational skills are handy to keep track of all aspects of the production, such as budget, schedules and quality control. 

In addition, if deadlines drive you, this career path might be right for you! This is why time management is also key as a video producer. 

All whilst adding in a touch of creative flair. No pressure 😉

Pay a lot of attention to detail.

Producers require a great deal of creativity, quickly make good decisions, and have excellent attention to detail throughout the production process. 

You need to sit and inspect every aspect of the production to ensure that everything meets the brief. It’s easy to get stuck in and busy, but it can be challenging to spot little mistakes. That’s why as a producer, you need to have an eye for detail. 

Plus, you’ll need to communicate clearly with everyone involved in the project so your team can work together smoothly. 

From managing a  large group of people who all have different opinions about how things should be done while maintaining their own vision for the project, being meticulous makes it easier for everyone on set to do their jobs well together instead of getting in each other’s way.

Wearing many hats

As we mentioned before, if you’ve read up until this point, you’ll notice that a producer wears many hats – being master multitaskers, creative thinkers, editors, actors and more. A producer needs to understand all the production pieces that fit together perfectly. 

You are the head of your team and must be able to think almost super-humanly.  For example, Clem recently produced a TV ad for Post Saver. This was what it all entailed: 

  • He wrote the script
  • Battled with the regulators to get it approved 
  • Plus found and booked a specific location to meet the brief
  • Scout comedic actors from across the country plus agree rates and buyouts with their agents
  • Book travel & accommodation & food for them
  • Rent and drive a van for the gear
  • Source props and set dressings for each shot
  • Direct the actors and shoot on the day 
  • and finally oversee the final edit of the advert!

Check out the final ad…

So many things could go right, but even more could go wrong. And as a producer, you need to master of Yin and Yang. 

You will rarely know exactly what your day will look like until hours before it begins. You must know what tasks need to be completed before starting work so that everything runs smoothly once everyone arrives at the office or studio space where they will be working!

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t just a single day in the life of a producer. But now you get the idea of the weight that a producer carries day to day. And we’ve got to take our hats off to them. You know so that the producers can put them on 😉

Choosing a place for a team breakfast is always a forkin’ debate😂

Luckily, we settled for @dejavubarandtapas who served our unique taste buds🙌

Save to say, we all gave this one a thumbs up👍

Where should we go for our next one? (based in Chesterfield) 📍

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Explore the magic behind the scenes with @fantasyislandingoldmells 🎢 

Who’s hungry to see the final advert?

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Stuck in the view jail?

You’re not alone😂

Many TikTok users have suffered the fate of the 200 view jail on content they’ve spent hours on.

Sadly there’s no quick fix to the dilemma. But there are some tips to follow to TRY to avoid this from happening🫶

😺TikTok can pick up copycats

➡️ Ensure you don’t directly copy your inspiration. Adapt the video to suit your brand.

💡Be consistent

➡️Stick to a posting schedule. Whether it’s posting once or twice a week, make sure you don’t skip.

🎣Hook people within the initial 3-6 seconds

TikTok users are quickly scrolling - you need to stop them in their tracks. Start by calling out your target audience or highlighting the solution you're about to solve.

P.S. TikTok has not officially flagged this “issue” as this is clearly apart of their algorithm of feeding at least 200 people your content to see how it performs.

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I’m a Creative Director, of course I’m very important 💁🏻‍♀️

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Embrace every experience, engage with different perspectives, and keep trying new ideas💡

You never know what you'll fork out🍴

Creativity is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes💪 

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This is the way your audience will look at your content when you stir Tom into your strategy😊

He’s got a fork load of experience. 20+ years to be exact👀

As our marketing strategist, he's the best choice on the marketing menu if ROI is what you fancy. 

So, don’t hesitate to get his recommendation 💡

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When your manager asks, you answer 🕺

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