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5 Video Ideas For Your Marketing

Whether you have a good forking campaign or want to jump on the season’s trend…

So, What Videos Will Make My Brand Pop?

Are you ready to hit the lights, roll the camera and call to action? 🎥

Video packs a mighty punch. And just like a punch, in a couple of seconds, you could learn a lesson 😉

Okay, but seriously, video marketing is the future. According to The Drum, video encompasses 90% of advertising. It’s the leading content marketing tool. 

Sorry if we threw a spanner in the works 😬 but video marketing is the way to go. 

But here’s a screwdriver to tighten the gap…

1. Explainer Video 

Find it hard to explain your vision? Then create an explainer video!

Explainer videos are short clips that give a general overview of your brand, product or service. They are usually between 30 seconds and two minutes long. 

It gets a message across easily yet effectively. 

Why not pop this video on your website or your social media platforms? You could be one video away from your next customer. 

2. Testimonial 

Need a high-impact video? A testimonial is an awesome opportunity to showcase how your brand helps real people. 

Whether it be a case study, customer journey or reviews, 2 out of 3 people are more likely to purchase after watching a testimonial video that shows how a product or service has helped a person just like them. 

3. Tutorial

Seeing is believing, right? Demonstrate how your product or service works with a demonstration video, otherwise known as a walkthrough video or even a tutorial. 

Get it all on video. It’s easier to digest anyways. 

No one really likes to read the instruction manual. So why bother trying? Offer a video to your customers to educate them on all the ins and outs. 

4. Promotional 

Have you got an offer? Hosting an event? Or you have a sale. Whatever your promotion is, getting it on video is an easy way to educate your customers quickly and potential audience on what you have on offer. 

Video is more engaging. And campaigns using video see 34% higher conversion rates. 

5. Teaser Video 

Are you launching a new product? Why not give your audience a cheeky teaser?

Hype them up and get them excited about your product in a creative, entertaining video that’s memorable. Just to give people a taste of what you’re cooking 😉

It’s ideal as a brand awareness campaign. But remember to include a strong hook to get your audience to bite – something that is valuable to them🎣

Have we inspired you yet?
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Choosing a place for a team breakfast is always a forkin’ debate😂

Luckily, we settled for @dejavubarandtapas who served our unique taste buds🙌

Save to say, we all gave this one a thumbs up👍

Where should we go for our next one? (based in Chesterfield) 📍

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Explore the magic behind the scenes with @fantasyislandingoldmells 🎢 

Who’s hungry to see the final advert?

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Stuck in the view jail?

You’re not alone😂

Many TikTok users have suffered the fate of the 200 view jail on content they’ve spent hours on.

Sadly there’s no quick fix to the dilemma. But there are some tips to follow to TRY to avoid this from happening🫶

😺TikTok can pick up copycats

➡️ Ensure you don’t directly copy your inspiration. Adapt the video to suit your brand.

💡Be consistent

➡️Stick to a posting schedule. Whether it’s posting once or twice a week, make sure you don’t skip.

🎣Hook people within the initial 3-6 seconds

TikTok users are quickly scrolling - you need to stop them in their tracks. Start by calling out your target audience or highlighting the solution you're about to solve.

P.S. TikTok has not officially flagged this “issue” as this is clearly apart of their algorithm of feeding at least 200 people your content to see how it performs.

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I’m a Creative Director, of course I’m very important 💁🏻‍♀️

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Embrace every experience, engage with different perspectives, and keep trying new ideas💡

You never know what you'll fork out🍴

Creativity is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes💪 

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When your manager asks, you answer 🕺

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